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Within the bounds of fair reality, what are the best/worst case scenarios for Baker Mayfield in 2024?

Best-case/worst-case is a series where we will break down different players on the Tampa Bay Bucs. For each player we will discuss what both the best and worst-case scenarios are for their 2024 season. Technically, the best season for any individual player, across all 32 teams in the National Football League, would be setting records at their position, winning league MVP, and leading their team to a Super bowl victory. Our Best-case/worst-case series will take into account that not all players are positioned to be able to have seasons like that and will have ‘fair’ and reasonable expectations for each player’s output.

Our first edition of Best-case/worst-case will feature Tampa Bay Bucs’ quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Best-case scenario for Baker Mayfield in 2024.

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Baker Mayfield is riding high off a career resurgence and a massive new lump of income in his bank account. 2023 was a fork-in-the-road-moment for Mayfield. The NFL, in large part, had given up on him as a starter. Mayfield proved the league wrong and the Bucs right— 29 total touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and over 4,000 yards. Mayfield’s career season culminated in a postseason run and a brand-new contract earlier this offseason.

The best-case scenario for Mayfield and for Tampa Bay fans in 2024 is simple— Do it again. Mayfield and the Bucs found a groove last season, now they need to take that playlist and put it on repeat. If Baker Mayfield’s 2024 season is anything like his 2023 campaign— Roughly 30 touchdowns, single digit—low double-digit interceptions, and a postseason run where the team holds their own, Mayfield will have shown that last season was not an outlier and that he can be counted on as a franchise quarterback moving forward. Conversely—

Worst-case scenario for Baker Mayfield in 2024.

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Baker Mayfield’s success last year has been met with mixed reactions. “The Bucs need to draft a quarterback!” still maintained some popularity, as a take, heading into the offseason. One of the major things working against Mayfield is his history. It does often repeat itself and if Mayfield’s history follows that trend, 2024 will be a year of regression for Tampa Bay’s quarterback.

When Mayfield was exiled from the Cleveland Browns it wasn’t due to a total lack of success, he was able to lead Cleveland to the playoffs— The problem was consistency. The former number one overall pick has proven to be streaky. Even last season, Bucs’ fans got a taste of Mayfield’s ability to run hot and cold when the team started 3-1, before losing six of their next seven, then finishing the season as winners in five of their last six.

The Bucs invested in Baker Mayfield this offseason— Not only through physical monetary means, but by ensuring he will have weapons around him. Now Mayfield needs to prove himself worthy of that investment.

The worst-case scenario for Baker Mayfield in 2024 is that he reverts back to the Baker Mayfield he’s been in the past— His touchdowns decrease, while his turnovers increase, which is likely to lead to less total victories and a decline in overall team success. His legacy still remains largely unwritten and Mayfield cannot afford to take a step backward in 2024. If he does, he may lose the opportunity to take steps forward in the future.

What do you think the best and worst-case scenarios for Baker Mayfield are in 2024? Let us know below.

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