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Tampa Bay Bucs v New Orleans Saints
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Which staff member will nail their prediction this week?

As the Bucs are on the road this week to take on the New Orleans Saints and we here at Bucs Nation are ready to drop some predictions for Week 4.

Tampa Bay is currently a 3.5-point underdog via DraftKings Sportsbook. How will they ensure they’ll come out victorious this week? Our staff weighs in with their predictions for the Bucs game and picks for the rest of the NFL’s Week 4 games.

Staff Predictions

Gil Arcia: Sack Happy

This is a weird game for the Bucs in the sense that the Eagles exposed the Bucs in different ways. No, the Saints aren’t the Eagles but the ball can be moved on them. Alvin Kamara will certainly give the Bucs headaches on Sunday, but Tampa Bay will be in their backfield often. The Bucs should see sacks from guys like Antoine Winfield, Jr., Shaq Barrett, and Joe Tryon-Shoyinka on the afternoon with sacks from the team totaling five-plus.

James Yarcho: Take What’s Yours

The Bucs certainly had a rough night against the Eagles – especially in the trenches. Good news for them is the Saints aren’t anywhere near as good as Philly in that aspect, more specifically along their offensive line. Derek Carr prior to being injured had 2.2 seconds of pocket time on average and was pressured on 23.2% of his dropbacks. Now, with Winston under center, the pressure will still be there and Bucs fans know as well as anyone what happens to Winston under pressure. He’s going to make mistakes. He was a turnover machine against the Bucs in New Orleans last year and the same thing will happen this time around. The Bucs finish with a +3 turnover differential on the road as Jameis continuously puts the ball in danger.

Mike Kiwak: Chaos from Kamara

Several injuries in the front 7 and a returning Alvin Kamara spell bad news for a Bucs unit that’s fresh off a brutal gashing at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. It likely won’t be as prolific as D’Andre Swift’s performance, but the outlook is going to get worse before it gets better. I predict Kamara racks up at least 100 yards and a touchdown against a damaged Tampa defense.

Will Walsh: Mayfield to Evans

Bucs fans are about to get a new entry in the Mike Evans-Marshon Lattimore catalogue. For the first time, it will feature Baker Mayfield. Unlike Tom Brady, Mayfield plays a style of quarterback that is much more willing to give chances to covered receivers. This week, Mike Evans will be fed the ball, despite tight physical coverage by Lattimore. 11 targets, five catches, 75 yards, one touchdown, one interception (on a tipped ball), and 50 yards of penalties.

Evan Wanish: Godwin finally has his day

Through the first three games of the season it has been a disappointing start for WR Chris Godwin. After having statistically his worst game of the season last week, Godwin takes advantage of the Evans/Lattimore matchup getting so much attention and has his game of the season and even finds the endzone for the first time all year. Give me seven catches for 80 yards and a score from number 14 on Sunday.

Week 4 Staff Picks

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