Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Bucs
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The head coach has been wanting a good ground game for some time now.

The running game for Tampa Bay Bucs will hinder on two things this season. One, the offensive line gets consistent push from the offensive line. And two, the running backs hit the holes their supposed to hit.

Both appeared to be successful Saturday against Baltimore.

Although the preseason offers teams the opportunity to play guys that aren’t designated or projected starters to play with those that are, the Bucs offensive front played its best game of the preseason against the Ravens defensive front. The result was Tampa Bay rushed for a total of 158 yards behind a line that all eyes have been watching closely all summer long.

Head coach Todd Bowles said Sunday he liked what he saw and hopes that success carries into the regular season.

“Hopefully that continues through the season,” Bowles said. “We know they didn’t have their first guys out there, but it was good to see them get going and getting on the right guy and having some continuity from that standpoint and we can build on it. Any time something is not working the year before, you try to fix it and get it better. Last night was a positive sign.”

The workhorse leading the Bucs running attack this season is second-year running back Rachaad White. The 2022 this rounder ran for 39 yards effectively on seven carries against Baltimore. Tampa Bay is hoping for a big season from their 24-year-old running back as well as those that make the final roster.

Ke’Shawn Vaughn and rookie Sean Tucker are two that ran the ball well throughout the preseason and did so again Saturday night as well. However, Tucker — despite walking off under his own power — did go out with a leg injury during the game late Saturday so it’ll be interesting how the Bucs finalize their groups of running backs heading into the regular season.

Tampa Bay will begin finalizing their roster Sunday and in the days to come.

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