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NFL: AUG 26 Preseason - Ravens at Bucs
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Which staff member will nail their prediction this week?

As the Bucs get ready to play the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, we here at Bucs Nation are ready to drop some predictions for Week 10.

Tampa Bay is currently a 1-point favorite via DraftKings Sportsbook. Our staff weighs in with their predictions for the Bucs game and picks for the rest of the NFL’s Week 10 games.

Staff Predictions

Gil Arcia: Something is up

I have no words. I’m not in the coaching rooms, and I’m not in the meeting rooms. There is a problem within this Bucs team and at this point the answers lie within each individual person — both on offense and defense. Has this team quit? What was the reason for the collapse? No one will ever know unless you’re Todd Bowles and you “look at the tape” as he said countless times this. Regardless, he’ll be doing that again when this team decides to fold once more and lose the yardage battle by more than 250-plus yards, and turn the ball over twice.

James Yarcho: Rachaad Going Wild

There hasn’t been much to be excited about with the Bucs since they returned from the bye week, but a nice trend has emerged lately. Over the last three weeks as the Bucs have begun the “running through the air” method of short passes to Rachaad White to get him the ball in space and allowing him to gain solid yardage. White has 99, 109, and 119 total yards. Last week against the Texans he added in a pair of touchdown runs bringing his season total to three. Well, time to continue to follow the trend – White is going to finish with 129 total yards and he’ll add in another touchdown this week but this time it’ll be his first receiving touchdown of the year.

Mike Kiwak: Bandage on a bullet wound

Do I think the Bucs will win this week? Yes. Do I think it will be impressive or do anything to assuage major concerns about this roster’s long-term viability? Not at all. The Titans are similarly mired in mediocrity, and they’re massively beat up on the injury report to boot. The Bucs will eek this one out in a 16-13 slog where the defense cleans up a tad but the offense again struggles to get going.

Will Walsh: Bucs could’ve had Levis

That will be the headline littered across the internet following Sunday’s game against the Titans. Tampa Bay was a projected landing spot for Levis and they passed on him (along with the rest of the league) but after Levis becomes the second rookie passer to embarrass the Bucs’ defense in as many weeks, the media will have a field day with Tampa’s decision to pass on the young quarterback.

Evan Wanish: Close, but not Cigar for the reeling Bucs

I think both of these teams are pretty evenly matched and both could use a win this week. Well, the Bucs pretty much have to win this week. Unfortunately for them though, I don’t see that happening. The Titans are a well-coached team and the difference in coaching will show up on Sunday as the Titans edge out the Bucs 20-17 to give the Bucs their fifth straight loss and all but dash their already slim playoff chances.

Week 10 Staff Picks

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