Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Tampa Bay Bucs v Dallas Cowboys
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Well things could certainly be better for the Tampa Bay Bucs right now. The team has lost their third game in a row to the Baltimore Ravens, and now face a team that they have struggled mightily against in the past couple of years in the LA Rams. The Bucs still have a large amount of questions involving their roster and if they are not answered soon, this could continue to be a very long skid of losing for the team moving forward.

With that being said, let’s talk about which player may have the most impact in the Bucs week nine matchup.

Bucs DL Akiem Hicks

Now I am taking a bit of a leap in assuming that Hicks is going to be playing in this week nine matchup but all indications point to Hicks finally making his return after spending over a month on the shelf with a foot injury. If Hick is able to return this week, he should bring a big boost to not just the Bucs pass rush capabilities, but also their run stopping abilities as well.

While the Bucs defense has had some good moments earlier in the season, they could not stop anything against the Ravens be it through the air or on the ground. Hicks should help in both regards and be a presence both in run defense as well as pass rushing hopefully meaning the Bucs will not have to blitz as much. If this is the case, the Bucs should have a better time in dealing with a highly talented LA Rams offense in week nine.


Share your thoughts and opinions, Bucs fans! Do you think Hicks is X-Factor for the Bucs in week 9?

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