Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Tampa Bay Bucs v Carolina Panthers
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Trey Downey & Len Martez discuss the Tampa Bay Bucs loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers & upcoming matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

It is time for another fresh edition of the Downey and Martez podcast. On this week’s show Trey Downey and Len Martez look back at the Bucs embarrassing loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and look ahead to a divisional match-up against the Carolina Panthers.

Trey start the podcast by listing all of the issues that the Bucs had against the Steelers. Len focus during the the start of the podcast is on the defensive side of the ball and the late 3rd down conversions the Bucs defense gave up. Trey agrees that those were concerning, but he presses Len on if he’s actually more worried about the Bucs defense right now. The guys get a little more specific on the offensive side of the ball and discuss left guard Luke Goedeke’s growing pains, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich’s stubbornness when it comes to running the ball and wide receiver Mike Evans’ lack of targets.

With all of that negativity out of the way the guys then take a look on the bright side. The Bucs play the 1-5 Panthers on Sunday. The gents looks at the recent fire sale going on in Carolina and discuss if running back Christian McCaffrey trade to San Francisco makes the 49ers a true contender. In discussing the future of the Panthers the guys get into a heated debate on whether or not the currently retired Sean Payton would come out of retirement for their head coaching job. Trey then asks Len what the consequences might be if the Bucs fell to 3-4 on Sunday and were beaten by a team led by quarterback PJ Walker.

Finally, the guys close the show by looking at the headlines around the league and discussing two surprise teams in the NFL and which one is less fraudulent.

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