Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Bucs
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The report claims the contract met the team’s considerations as well.

At some point during talks of extending the contract of veteran wide receiver Mike Evans, the Bucs received a contract structure that not only made him happy, but one that also met their considerations.

This reportedly is the case by CBS Sports’ NFL Insider Josina Anderson.

Last week, Evans’ camp imposed a deadline on the Bucs of September 9 to get a deal done or talks will end then. We don’t know exactly where those talks are at the moment, but it is interesting to note the report from Anderson.

At some point — whether in the past or present — a contract structure was formulated that reportedly satisfies both sides. However, the wording that states it would have met the considerations of the team means that this is agent speak for, “Hey, we put something together that included what they asked but also one that makes my client really happy.”

The stalemate may prove that there is a lot of money his side is seeking. While warranted, the team isn’t in the financial position to comply and we don’t truly know what those considerations are.

Regardless of whether there was in fact a deal written up that looked good for both sides or not, conversations are ongoing. To what degree those conversations are currently in though is anyone’s guess.

The latest does seem the shed some light on the latter.

Looking into the report from reporter JP Peterson, it seems that the initial report of something being submitted that would have satisfied is not true as both sides aren’t even close.

The key verbiage here is that both sides aren’t close. But the question here has to be asked: Are they not close now or have they not been close at all during the entire process?

As Peterson notes, “at this time” nothing has been agreed to yet the initial report states that talks at some point seemed to be satisfactory to all sides. So did something cause those talks to break down?

Buckle up, Bucs fans. This could turn uglier before it gets better. If it gets better at all.

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