Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
NFL: Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Bucs
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The anticipated move allows the team to bring back a veteran defensive back

The Tampa Bay Bucs have placed veteran center Ryan Jensen on injured reserve, a move that has been expected for quite some time.

Jensen hurt his knee at the beginning of training camp and never saw action on the practice fields again. The team never released an official prognosis on Jensen’s injury throughout August, but head coach Todd Bowles said Thursday the team was waiting for some swelling to go down before ultimately leading to this decision.

“I mean, they’re still waiting for the swelling to go down before they make a decision one way or another and we’re all status quo right now.

“It could heal, and he could have some very good luck and possibly be ready at the end of the year or it could go the other way and we’d eventually have to put him on I.R. So, he wanted to wait, they wanted to wait, we wanted to wait. We want to wait until the swelling goes down before we see which way it goes and, honestly, that’s where we are.”

Placing Jensen on I.R. opened the door for Tampa Bay to bring back veteran defensive back Logan Ryan, which was another expected move the Bucs would make.

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