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NFL: Tampa Bay Bucs Training Camp
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This sound promising for this season

The Bucs got through an offseason with some question marks on offense. Uncertainty surrounded Chris Godwin’s recovery, critics raised concerns over Leonard Fournette’s weight, and of course whether or not Rob Gronkowski would return. But like every offseason, Tampa Bay like the other teams have to find ways to get through it and prepare for a new season.

Questions are still there while some answers have been provided. Such is the case with the Bucs losing players but adding others to still give them home on newfound opportunities.

Such is the case with the recent signing of wide receiver Julio Jones.

The veteran Jones knows he can still contribute and is ready to prove is worth to his new team.

“The Bucs organization is just giving me the opportunity to come here and showcase my skills and just to be a part of something new, to be a part of this team,” Jones said following the first day of training camp. “They have everything that they need already, right? But they’ve got to put the work in each and every day. Nothing is given to you. You’ve just got to come to work every day. That’s what I bring. I’m going to work every day – that’s just who I am.”

Tampa Bay is well aware of what Jones brings to the table. Despite not only playing against him but also having to strategically gameplan for him, the Bucs know of the potential they have with the addition of Jones.

Head coach Todd Bowles is one that is glad to have added not just another player, but a player of Jones’ caliber to their offense.

“Well, he’s still a good football player. We’ve got to replace ‘Gronk’s (Rob Gronkowski’s) catches. We’ve got an extra weapon, especially in the red zone and out in the field and we’re going to put him to use,” Bowles said. “It gives us a chance to be more creative in some of the things we do, and we’re happy to have him.”

Jones will still have to learn the offense, build chemistry with quarterback Tom Brady, and get acclimated to his new environment. There’s no doubt all of that will eventually happen. There’s also no doubt that this latest piece added to the 2022 puzzle will give a bigger opportunity for more success this regular season.

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