Wed. May 29th, 2024
NFL: Tampa Bay Bucs at Carolina Panthers
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The Bucs struggles are more than just coaching and play calling

When you look at the Bucs history, how many quarterbacks can you say were to blame for Tampa Bay’s countless failed seasons? Fortunately, quarterback Tom Brady changed that when he helped turn the franchise around and helped them catapult to a winning season while also winning a Super Bowl in his first year in pewter.

Last season was good, too. Despite the loss in the playoffs to the Rams two games away from another Super Bowl appearance, Brady and the Bucs were still a successful bunch. In 2022, you can’t say the same thing.

Ask the majority, or just look at the headlines. The coaches, the play calling, and the offensive line dominate the conversations of why Tampa Bay’s offense is such a crap-fest right now. But there is one component to all of that missing.

Quarterback Tom Brady.

Despite the fact he is taking the biggest L of his career (off the field), none of these actual on-the-field losses have been truly evaluated and none of these losses seem to be enough fire for “The G.O.A.T.” to help turn things around. Another thing these losses have revealed is that this other component is getting a pass.

In recent games, no one seems to remember or discuss the overthrown pass to running back Rachaad White out in the flat on a third-and-short. No one discusses the passes against Pittsburgh to receivers Chris Godwin (for a first down) and to Russell Gage (for a touchdown) that were barely five feet above the ground and skipped incomplete into their hands. No one talks about the throws behind receivers. No one talks about the two near interceptions against Carolina Sunday.

No one.

But instead, the focus is on the coaches, the play from the offensive line, and so on. Yes, they shouldn’t go untouched especially with how linemen are easily pushed around and coaches are not (apparently) doing enough to put the team in a winning position. Receivers have dropped passes as well. Of course all that is to blame for the struggles which falls into poor execution.

Brady should be included in that also. See the previous paragraph on bad quarterback throws. That’s also poor execution .

When the Bucs win, Brady is glorified. When the Bucs lose, everyone else is to blame. When Brady missed time during camp, it’s all good because he’s “The G.O.A.T.” When he misses time with the team to attend the wedding of his former team’s owner the weekend of a game, it’s cool.

The days of “No risk it, no biscuit” are obviously over. Instead, the Bucs are moving on in 2022 being content with everyone pointing fingers at coaches, linemen, and the play calling. But some of the finger pointing needs to be shared with the man many view as the one who does no wrong.

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