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Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Bay Bucs
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With the return of the creamsicles, let’s have some fun

Finally… the creamsicles and Bucco Bruce have returned to Tampa Bay! With the Bucs recently unveiling their throwback uniforms that they will wear against the Detroit Lions this season I thought it would be a fun exercise to rank every uniform combination the team has had since they were founded. So without further ado, let’s get right into it and we will go from worst, to first.

Note: Strictly focusing on jersey/pants combo. Not concerned with the socks as much even though they may be mentioned from time to time.

13. White/White (Alarm Clock Era)

NFL: DEC 14 Bucs at Panthers
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The alarm clock numbers aside, I don’t think the actual design of the 2014 jerseys were as bad as many folks made them out to be. If the jersey had different numbering, I think the reception is much different. That being said the white on white from this era was bad. It was entirely too much white and was even worse when paired with orange socks. This is just plain bad.

12. White/Pewter (Alarm Clock Era)

Tampa Bay Bucs v New York Giants
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This one’s issue isn’t that it has too much white, I like the color of the pewter Nike chose for the pants, but it’s just that the jersey itself is not good enough. Safe to say, these uniforms were about as bad as the teams playing in them.

11. Red/White (Alarm Clock Era)

NFL: AUG 11 Preseason - Bucs at Bengals
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I thought I would like these more, but there is something about them I just don’t dig. Not sure if it is the shade of red on the jersey matched with the white of the pants or what, but something is off with these. I also believe the Bucs never actually wore these during a regular season game. Was more of a preseason staple for the team.

10. White/Creamsicle (Bucco Bruce Era)

Tampa Bay Bucs vs San Diego Chargers
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I know, I know. Pretty low for a classic uniform. I just simply don’t like the look of the creamsicle pants. It is extremely distracting from the rest of the jersey and I just don’t like it. I think the creamsicles are an iconic jersey not just in Bucs history but NFL history, however this one misses the mark.

9. Red/Pewter (Alarm Clock Era)

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Bucs
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This might be the biggest example where if there were different numbers on these jerseys this would be a top tier uniform for me. The red mixes with the pewter well and like I’ve said before, I think Nike nailed it with the new shade of pewter when they took over getting away from the shinier look and going darker. The numbers just drag this whole thing down unfortunately though.

8. Color Rush (Alarm Clock Era)

NFL: NOV 17 Saints at Bucs
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Officially closing out the alarm clock era are the color rush uniforms that were first released in 2015. The Bucs wore them in the famous “mustard vs ketchup” game against the Rams on Thursday Night Football and then later turned into an alternate for the team. While it is a lot of red, the name of the uniform is literally color rush so I won’t harp on that too much. The main thing that makes this the best out of the alarm clock era is ironically the numbers. With this jersey the alarm clock feel and look to the numbers are not as present and obvious as the normal jerseys so it just looks like a different, metallic/silver number. Thank goodness they did away with the entire kit though.

7. White/White (Bucco Bruce Era)

Tampa Bay Bucs v Chicago Bears
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This uniform is fine. It really is and pretty much every uniform on this list starting from here I think is a genuinely good uniform. The issue with this one is it’s just a bit too plain for me. I get it, it was a long time ago and things have changed in terms of uniform aesthetic, but I just wish there was a bit more to these.

6. White/White (The Pewter Era)

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Bucs
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The first time the Pewter Era has appeared on this list. Again, it is a fine uniform but there just is not a lot going on with it. What edges this one out over the Bucco Bruce era is the actual jersey itself. I think the jersey is a better one and just has more of a clean look with the logos on the sides and everything.

5. Pewter/Pewter (Pewter Era)

Cincinnati Bengals v Tampa Bay Bucs
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This was a surprise to me when they released but definitely a pleasant one. I am a sucker for a black football uniform and while this isn’t a black jersey, it is close enough for me and is iconic to the Bucs themselves. Since I like the new shade of Pewter, this uniform is pretty good for me. P.S. can we PLEASE get a game where they wear this jersey with the white pants?

4. Red/White (Pewter Era)

Yffy Yossifor/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

A fun uniform that the Bucs do not wear nearly as much as they should. The red on the current jerseys and even the old versions really pops with the white pants. Wear these more please and thank you!

3. Creamsicle/White (Bucco Bruce Era)

Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Bucs
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One of the most iconic jerseys in NFL history. Whenever the word creamsicle is mentioned, this is the exact uniform that people think of. While there has been different shades of the creamsicle color over the years, this kit will always be remembered in legendary fashion. Welcome back, Bucco Bruce.

2. White/Pewter (Pewter Era)

Super Bowl LV - Tampa Bay Bucs v Kansas City Chiefs
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This is just a solid uniform. Both iterations of the pewter pants mix well with the white and the jerseys themselves are good. There is also bonus points because well… the Bucs won a Super Bowl in these exact uniforms.

1. Red/Pewter (Pewter Era)

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I think this uniform is perfect. The red matches the pewter perfect, the helmets matches with all of that as well. I don’t think they wear this uniform combination enough (please wear them at home more). This is also another iconic uniform because the Bucs won their first ever Super Bowl in these uniforms. A perfect uniform to signify a championship season.

So there you have it. Now let me be clear, this is not the right list, it is simply my list. I would love to hear your opinions on what you think is the Bucs best uniform. Sound off in the comment section below!

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