Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Tampa Bay Bucs v Detroit Lions
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Gronk adds, “See you around in Tampa, bro.”

Quarterback Baker Mayfield and the Bucs have both expressed their interests and desires for continuing to have the 28-year-old lead the offense. Both sides are on record saying so, but away from the cameras and outside formal interviews words can always be said differently.

However, we now know how Mayfield truly feels when the lights aren’t shining in his face and microphones aren’t pointed at him by the media.

A Reddit user posted a video from the Up & Adams Show where Tampa Bay’s quarterback was being interviewed in Las Vegas on radio row. As his segment ended former Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski shook his hand saying “see you around in Tampa, bro” as Mayfield made his way to chat with NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young.

Young started by saying that Mayfield is “in the right spot” referring to Baker being in Tampa Bay. The two then began talking, in which it sounded like Young may have asked if he’s talking to the Bucs on staying to which Mayfield said, “Yeah. Get some pieces back…”

Check it out below.

This will certainly make Bucs fans happy. By everything Mayfield has said (like here and here), it appears he will be making a return to the Bucs in 2024 and beyond while also making sure he can do what he can to bring some “pieces” come back with him.

But don’t hold your breath, just in case. This is a business after all.

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