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NFL: Tampa Bay Bucs Training Camp
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What happens if the Bucs name Kyle Trask as their starting quarterback?

There is a good deal of speculation that Tampa Bay’s quarterback competition has been all but concluded with Baker Mayfield being destined to claim the QB1 spot on the team’s depth chart, but officially, nothing has been determined. If the Bucs name Kyle Trask as their week one starter, what does that mean for all parties involved?

NFL: JUL 28 Tampa Bay Bucs Training Camp
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Baker Mayfield is NOT the guy

Not just for Tampa Bay, not just in 2023. If Kyle Trask beats out Baker Mayfield than the writing will be all over the (internet and social media) wall for his NFL career. The former Heisman Trophy winner will have been on four different teams in his six years as a professional, three of which had no legitimate long-term solution on the roster at his position when he arrived. Kyle Trask out-dueling Mayfield, would almost surely be the nail in his starting career’s coffin.

Jason Licht IS the guy

Jason Licht has spent plenty of his Tampa Bay tenure as a good general manager. At the same time, he has had his misses and dealt with a fair share of criticism. All in all, Tampa Bay has a Super Bowl championship under Licht’s watch and whether more credit is given to the future Hall of Fame quarterback who came to Tampa and won Super Bowl MVP or the GM who helped put the pieces in place, the Bucs achieved their ultimate goal with Licht heading up the front office.

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One major box left to check for Licht is the drafting/overseeing the development of a franchise quarterback. Licht showed great faith in Kyle Trask, when he spent a second-round pick during the Bucs Super Bowl window on a developmental quarterback. Licht’s 2021 second-rounder taking control of the starting quarterback position and putting up good numbers, while leading Tampa Bay to a eight, nine, or ten-win season (exceeding the expectations of many) would check that box.

Todd Bowles’ leash may be extended a little longer

The Bucs are not slated to be a good team in 2023. Todd Bowles is already plastered all over hot seat speculation. With Baker Mayfield as the starter, on paper, Tampa Bay has an experienced veteran passer (who has already led a team to the postseason in his career), an elite defensive coach, plus an offense with talented weapons. That equation, again on paper, should equal a respectable season.

Conversely, even if Kyle Trask were to show enough to win the starting job, 2023 would still essentially be a rookie season for him. The expectations for a quasi-rookie quarterback and that same elite defensive coach are generally much lower. Rookie quarterbacks require patience. As long as growth and development appear to be occurring at a reasonable rate team success isn’t always mandatory for a coach. Kyle Trask winning Tampa’s starting job may be the best way, aside from a winning season, for Todd Bowles to extend his time in Tampa Bay.

Who do you think will win the starting job?

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