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NFL: JUL 29 Tampa Bay Bucs Training Camp
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It’s been the theme at camp

The 2022 Bucs roster is full of young guys that are not only receiving praises from their coaches, but also the veterans on the team. Seems like at the end of every training camp practice the young Bucs are getting recognized.

It was no different Wednesday, and rightfully so.

One of those players is rookie tight end Cade Otton. The Washington product was talked up by head coach Todd Bowles.

“Cade’s a very cerebral player. You won’t see all the speed and power, but then you look up and he’s always doing the right things. He’s always in the right place, he has great hands, he understands how to play the game,” Bowles said. “I think that a lot of young players don’t have that. He has that coming in, so that’s going to benefit him going forward. Obviously, schematically he’s got to get that down. He’ll probably get a little stronger in the weight room. He hasn’t been healthy long enough to really be in the true program. As the program goes along, I expect him to help us.”

Bowles hasn’t been the only one who is recognized Otton’s abilities. Veteran tight end Cam Brate also spoke about how he also feels Otton can help the team.

“He’s super smart, already a really good blocker. Like technically you can tell that he’s been coached really well,” Brate said. “You know, he’s a guy who’s going to be able to help us out a lot. He brings a lot to the table – I don’t know how he practices with no gloves – I don’t know if he’s going to bring that to the games, too. I’m trying to work on that, but he’s a really good, young football player that’s definitely going to help us out.”

On the defensive side of the ball, veteran newcomer Akiem Hicks spoke to the media following Wednesday’s practice. When asked about rookie defensive lineman Logan Hall, Hicks talked about the drive Hall has.

“He’s going to consistently grow but one thing he does is come to work with an excitement like I talked about earlier about football,” said Hicks. “That’s all you need. Coaches always said this back in the day, ‘I want a guy that I have to pull back not push’ and he’s one of those guys.”

Overall, these young Tampa Bay players will undoubtedly have a lot of room to learn the game of football and will have the benefit of having their veteran peers and coaches to help along the way.

But if they can truly come in and make an immediate impact as they are expected to, then teaching them the pro game will be an easy task.

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