Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Wide Receiver
Penn St.


So now that the entire Tom Brady era is behind us, let’s look ahead to the NFL Draft…

While lots of questions still exist as to who will be re-signed, traded for and picked up via free agency, it is fun to look at some of the top prospects at some of our higher need positions.

First up Jahan Dotson a Wide Receiver from Penn St. The obvious question for Dotson is his size. At only 5-11 he will have a hard time battling for the ball in traffic against NFL caliber cornerbacks.

His speed more than makes up for it running around a 4.3 forty yard dash, along with his ability to run well timed routes he makes it difficult for the defensive backs to get their hands on him.

He can double as a punt returner and is dangerous after the catch. Dotson doesn’t seem to quit and helps bail the QB out on broken down plays.

And those HANDS!!!

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