Opening Day – My How Things Have Changed!

It wasn’t but 10 years ago where Sunday’s were for Football, I had spreadsheets, websites, MySpace 🙂 Today, things are just a wee bit different, I woke up not even knowing who was on the other side of the field, what time the game is, or what channel I need to make sure I get over the internet.

This morning we dressed our twin boys in their first Buc’s shirts for game day, wondering if they would actually sit and watch football or maybe not even let us leave it on the T.V.? I will report back after the game….

The boys and I wearing their first Buc’s shirts….

Years ago, I was able to update websites, enjoy tailgates, prepare for the April draft with full first round mocks and spend Sunday’s in front of the TV from 11 a.m. til midnight… I wondered who was injured in the morning so I knew who to bench in my fantasy league, now I can barely remember who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback is…

While things have changed, maybe today is the beginning of a long love affair with the Buccaneers, and a way for my kids and I to always have something in common as they continue to grow up quickly before my eyes 🙂

What time is the game by the way?

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