Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Bucs
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The veteran tight end remains un-signed.

Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski is still out and about enjoying life without football. What initially seemed like a deal was inevitable when he teased (legitimately) a return to Tampa Bay a couple weeks back when talking out loud in a local barbershop is now a question of when — or perhaps if — a deal is or ever was on the horizon.

Seems like it most likely the latter.

Speaking to TMZ (shared via ESPN), the veteran tight end said he isn’t going to be committing to football at the moment.

“Right now, I’m not ready to get back out on that field. I’m not ready to commit to the game of football right now.”

To add further fuel to the potential not-so-ready-to-return fire, Gronkowski had also recently said that he just isn’t ready.

“Even in your 30s, I mean, you just can’t just slack it and just be 50% all-in, then you’re going to get caught off with the game and it’s going to just spit you right out,” Gronkowski said. “You’ve got to be fully dedicated. I’m not ready to do that yet, I’m not going to sign a contract if I’m not fully ready.”

Signs still point to a potential return for Gronkowski, like his good friend Tom Brady un-retiring so it only seems fitting. But for now we all just have to wait and see what Gronk “officially” decides to do.

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