Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Bucs
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With back to back losses, what can Chef Mayfield cook up this week on Thursday Night Football?

Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Bucs are in grave danger of becoming the team that many people thought they would be. The Bucs have now lost back to back games. Chef Mayfield hasn’t played overly well in either and Tampa needs to rebound in order to get back in the hunt for the NFC South.

Bad news for the Bucs.

They have perennial MVP candidate Josh Allen on a short week. The Bucs are clear underdogs in the matchup, but there is a silver lining for Baker’s bunch. The Buffalo Bills have been uncharacteristically struggling the past two weeks. Buffalo fell to the New England Patriots this past Sunday. Two weeks ago Josh Allen and the Bills only scored 14 points against the hapless New York Giants. Without a Pro Bowl performance from Josh Allen could Baker Mayfield and the Bucs pull off an upset?

Probably not.

Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Bucs
Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The last few games have been a long eight quarters of Tampa Bay football. The Bucs can’t move the football consistently. They haven’t found innovative ways to put the ball in the hands of their best players and things that were simple tasks earlier in the season have become painstaking chores as of late.

If there’s any hope.

Dave Canales needs to be dialed in. Tampa’s offensive coordinator has unrelenting optimism in his press conferences about where his offense is going and the team that they are trending to become, but it has to show itself during game action. If Tampa Bay’s offense gets another 30 yards rushing out of its backfield, while Baker Mayfield has a 200 yards one touchdown, one interception type of stat line the Bucs will fall to 3-4 (with three straight losses) and the tone around this franchise will drastically shift.

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