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NFL: Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Bucs
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Tampa Bay’s stud wide receiver was open on several topics.

Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans is not shy on the field, and he’s certainly not shy when answering questions in the offseason. So it was only logical he would be asked about several important topics the Bucs will or have recently addressed. We just get some answers from the veteran receiver’s side.

In a recent interview with Matt Harmon on Yahoo! Sports, Evans touched on a few things with one being the retirement of quarterback Tom Brady. There are many reports suggesting Brady isn’t in fact done, but a group text Evans said he was included in would prove otherwise as he states the future Hall of Fame quarterback let him know of the decision before making his announcement.

He texted us right before, put us all in a group chat, the Bucs skill guys and, you know, let us know how he felt about us and things like that. So greatest player ever, hardest worker, most prepared guy at his job. At any job, I mean, he’s so prepared. He makes sure everybody else is prepared. I mean, we’re going to miss him so much. It’s going to be a huge blow. It’s going to be tough to replace a guy like that.

What lies ahead is a huge mystery when it comes to the Bucs quarterback situation. There is a lot of smoke (but is there fire?!) around the Bucs looking into possibilities of landing a veteran quarterback and specifically tied to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Whoever it is — even if it is with a quarterback that is currently on the roster — Evans would like to know soon as he states he would like to “start putting in some work with whoever it might be.”

Part of the quarterback equation could also depend upon what weapons will be in Tampa Bay for the future signal caller to rely on. Wide receiver Chris Godwin will certainly be of interest for any quarterback and has proven to be a huge asset to the Bucs. And an asset Evans hopes the front office can bring back.

I’m sure he’s going to come back from the ACL injury even stronger because he’s a dog. And you know, I have no doubt about that. So hopefully me and him will be doing it big in Tampa for a long time to come.

Another receiver Evans was asked about was former teammate Antonio Brown. There’s been a lot of he said/she said after the debacle a while back up in New York when Brown quit on the team mid-game. The disgruntled receiver has said the issue was about him playing hurt and being unable to continue while the team — as well as reports — have suggested it was about Brown being upset he was not getting the football.

Tampa Bay’s veteran receiver was asked by Harmon on what went on during the sideline debacle and Evans talked candidly about it.

I mean, what I remember is we were trying to get him to come back in the game. You know, he was saying he wanted the rock, and I mean, rightfully so. We should have gotten the rock. I mean, he’s an unbelievable player. But like, yo, come in the game, AB. So we’re asking him to come in the game. We’re on offense. And I’m like, AB, big bro, come on. Let’s go in the game. They’re calling for us, because me and him are both on the pitch count, because we’re both coming back from injury. And so I’m trying to get him to come in the game. And he doesn’t come.

Evans would later add that after reporting back into the game he noticed the sideline spat still going on between Arians and Brown between plays before seeing him do jumping jacks as he stepped away from the team.

This will be an interesting offseason in Tampa Bay. There are a lot of questions that are not only bringing upon curiosity throughout the fan base and the media, but clearly within the team itself as players always wonder who will stay, who will go, and who will the organization bring in. Evans clearly displays all of that.

You can see the full video of Evans speaking to Harmon on Yahoo! Sports here.

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