Sat. May 25th, 2024
NFL: Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Bucs
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Needing to create more cap room, the Bucs made two moves to get under the salary cap.

The Bucs have started to get to work on getting under the salary cap. Entering today, the team was about 21 million dollars over the cap according to Spotrac and they have made a few moves to create some space before the new league year began.

Tampa Bay restructured pass rusher Shaq Barrett’s contract and the team also agreed to a reworked deal with tight end Cameron Brate. The deal with Brate is reportedly a two year deal worth eight million dollars which should reduce Brate’s 2022 and 2023 cap hit.

As the tweet says, the Bucs have a lot more work to do to create cap space including some more restructures or extensions potentially on the way for some players such as Mike Evans and Donovan Smith.

The Bucs have just started to work on creating more room and they are not done either. They have until 4:00 p.m. to clear about $13 million more in cap space to become compliant with the salary cap.

Some speculation is that they are still working hard on a long term extension for wide receiver Chris Godwin so that he isn’t playing on a franchise tag that will cost the Bucs over $19 million this season. Not only that, but they want to ensure Godwin is locked up long term rather than just for 2022.

There is also the possibility that they rework Tom Brady’s contract, much like they did last season. More work to do and more news coming soon.

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