Sat. May 25th, 2024
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Bucs
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This will upset some fans

When so much offensive firepower throughout the league and the Bucs putting up some of the best offensive numbers the past couple seasons, it has been often debated how they measure up against some of the best in the league across several positions.

Wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are a couple names people like to compare when speaking of others in the position. They are often viewed as two of the best receivers in the NFL. League executives have said as much, coaches have also voiced their thoughtful opinions on them, as well as the opposition on countless occasions. But fans may think otherwise to some degree.

According to the latest SB Nation Reacts poll, when sitting down and looking at other teams receivers, NFL fans don’t see the Bucs having the best wide receiver combination in the NFL. In fact, of the five options, the Tampa Bay duo of Evans and Godwin came in last.

Los Angeles Rams duo of Cooper Kupp and either Robert Woods or Allen Robinson can certainly be argued for as No. 1 being that Kupp makes the other receivers on the depth chart so much better than what they already are anyways. Many may also see keeping the Bengals at No. 2 because of Ja’Marr Chase, but then they sprinkle in Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins.

However, the Dolphins and Raiders may be a bit surprising to be sitting ahead of the Bucs’ duo. Miami’s acquisition of Tyreek Hill undoubtedly helps them move up in ranks as well as Las Vegas acquiring Devante Adams to be paired with Hunter Renfrow. Is it all warranted to place them ahead of who the Bucs have? Perhaps Godwin’s injury scares fans across the league?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the results look like on the field this upcoming season.

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